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Who always wants to be on the newest state and be informed as the first,
should announce himself with the newsletter. You will see the new bears a few days earlier than the others at a special VIP-site.

Please, do not forget also, to take a look at the beginning of every month to the"bear of the month".

On this way we thank all, which have kept an eye on our fur visions,
and hope that the comical fellows & girl spread a little joy.

And because it has struck us increasingly: If the e-mail address has changed (e.g., because of supplier's changes), give please to us a notice too! Should you have got no mails from us during the last months, is maybe is the reason! Unfortunately, we get back more and more mails as undeliverably!

Anja and Martin Kreft with bear's gang

To create a Kreftbear is quite difficult, since each of them simply has his own character.
With the forming of the furry new generation I am put before many decisions. Which size, colour, fur length and which appearance the new fur face should have? Which colour should get the nose and which things fit best of all to him?
If all that is created, still an other job waits for me:
to find the right name for the new child.
Funnily, for years there one leads metre-long indexes of names
to find out then, that to the ready creature none fits of it and,
nevertheless, the bear must be called quite differently.
A lot of fun while getting to know the Kreftbears and their traits.