In the summer/autumn 2007 this time only very few new bears developed.
And here I show the reason for it in a "Making Of".

In the summer the advertising agency "Performance Factory" from
Munich came to me. They asked me whether I would put for a werbekampagne
pictures of a bear with scarf to them at the disposal.
There I rather developed then a new bear for the product, Pectoral child cough drop of Wepa.
That was completely a "more normally" Kreftbaer in 30 cm size.

But short time came later the inquiry to a two meters large bear for a big pharmaceutical fair.

That was then nevertheless completely different challenge!

Who built already once a so large bear, will have stated, that above all the statics are a large problem.
And in such a way the largest copy of our Kreftbaer family developed after many attempts and discussions with my man.
In the following pictures one can detect hopefully a little the expenditure, which such a bear means!

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