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What is so interesting here?
In the autumn 1997 I had a hospitalization of several  weeks. 
Because I dont have to lie permanently and usually it is boring in a hospital,
I asked for bringing me a bear tinkering. Whenever there was a little time,
I tried to build my first bear. In the end I had tree of them and my bear-mummy instincts were awaiking. Soon I began to copy cuts from bear magazines and after half a year I ventured
on my first own pattern. Proudly I presented my first own bears to my family,
friend and relations and all were inspired. Thus I decided to continue and a short time later I sold my first bears. In January 1999 I officially decided to create the company Kreft-Bär and to take care a little bit more for my little favourites. I sketched many new pattern in different sizes and different styles, but they were nevertheless always the typical Kreft-Bärs with the typical Kreft-Bär faces and
everyone with its own unmistakable character. All bears are made of Mohair (up to a few marked bears
with special materials). They are completely manufactured
in self-work from the beginning til the end, therefore are all unique pieces. If a bear particularly pleases you and it is already sold, then I manufacture you a new one gladly. But you must have
patience (6-10 weeks), because I build my bears as a side line and also I want to hold my high quality standard of the bears. Moreover it is all manual work and because of that it is possible that the bear looks like a little bit differently. Also you can go past gladly once and regard the whole bear gang in reality. But please you agree upon a date before with me. Nevertheless it would be unfortunate, if you would come in vain. We issue also on stock exchanges. When and where you find us, see on the appropriate side. And now I wish you still much fun with the rummage on the Kreft-Bärsoils. Your Anja Kreft